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Welcome to Taxidermy Plus. We are a small shop that does big things. The shop is located in Shady Cove, Oregon which is close to the Rogue River, in the heart of the Rogue Valley recreation area. The shop has easy access from Interstate 5 (I-5) by way of North-bound Crater Lake Hwy. Our goal is to offer our clients the "WOW" factor on completed, one of a kind taxidermy.


Taxidermy Plus

We are constantly in the pursuit of excellence in achieving taxidermy works of art that you will be proud to show fellow hunters, family and friends. Whether it be African, North American, Asian big game, or fish reproductions that look as though they were just pulled from the water, you will be able to relive the memories for years to come.


Taxidermy Plus - Shady Cove, Oregon

Taxidermy Plus 2 Week Workshops

Taxidermy Plus courses will teach you how to mount Deer, Elk, Antelope, Fish, Bear, Cougars, and other animals from home just like a professional!

By working along side award winning master Taxidermist, Glen Thill, you will learn the skills that will enable you to operate in your own home or as a hobby, if you want to open your own business.

Our class sizes are kept between 2-5 students. This assures that you will recieve quality teaching to help you achieve success in the taxidermy world,. You will be mounting your own game heads and your mounts are yours to take home with you upon completion of the workshop.

Have you ever thought about mounting your own game head? Now you can get started in Taxidermy with our 2 week workshop. We will provide everything needed to mount a deer head. Call us if you desire to mount something different like elk, sheep, caribou or shoulder mount as additional fees are required to obtain capes.

You are encouraged to bring your own antlers but it is not required. Please note shed antlers will work on your mount or antlers that have broken skull caps can be repaired and used on your mount.

Subjects Covered

  • Prepping Capes
  • Form Alterations
  • Proper Antler Placement
  • Cape Measurement
  • Finish Work
  • Airbrush Painting / Cleaning
  • Habitat / Rock Designs
  • Antler Staining
  • Antler Repair
  • Antler Plaque
  • Attaching Shed Antlers
  • European Skull Knowledge
  • Skull Cap Repair
  • Vendors Used

2 Week Big Game Workshop

Workshop will operate Monday - Saturday. Hours are 7:00am - 3:00pm, sometimes longer if needed. The price for the 2 week game head is only $2950.00. A 50% down payment secures your desired date. Final payment is required 1 day prior to the start of the workshop.

2 Week Fish Replica Workshop

Have you ever thojught about doing a replica fish mount? With a photo & length measurement you will be able to replicate a fish you caught or released. We will provide everything you need to do 3 replica mounts.

  • 1 Salmon replica blank up to 30lbs. Larger blanks can be purchased for additional cost.
  • 1 Steelhead replica blank up to 44"
  • 1 Large Mouth Bass (no size limit)
  • 1 Northern Pike or Walleye

The price for the 2 week workshop is $4250.00. 1/2 due upon registration (non refundable). 1/2 due upon starting class.

Prices include 3 replica fish blanks, supplies, habitat construction materials and a badger airbrush to take with you upon completion of the workshop. Our workshops are kept small from 2-5 students so come join us for a fun and educational experience.



Taxidermy Plus

"I have been a customer of Taxidermy Plus for close to 10 years when they were back in Redmond. Not only is Glen a fantastic person to work with, his mounts are incredible. The attention to detail and the quality of their work is second to none."
- Robert Jacobson, Oregon

"Taxidermy Plus did a superb job of mounting my deer head. Glen goes the extra mile to make sure that his customers are completely happy. I have recommended Taxidermy Plus to all of my friends."
- Duane Ganter, Oregon

"Glen has mounted several deer for me over the past few years. His service is top-notch and exceeds any other mounts that I have on my wall. Taxidermy Plus provides high quality work with a great turnaround time."
- John Stevenson, Montana

"Thank you Thank you Thank you Glen! You took that mount that I brought to a local guy here in Idaho, and re-mounted him for me. I couldn't stand the way it looked on my wall anymore. You sure know your whitetail. The detail on my deer blew me away!"
- Richard Blightly, Idaho

"Glen! This is Becky Brackett. I forgot to thank you and your wife for the tickets you guys left at the front for me at the Medford Sportsman Show. Thank you! I'm so completely overwhelmed and in awe of the fish you reconstructed from just a picture... I definitely want to order one. How much of a deposit do you need? Can't wait to have my own fish mounted in my house! Your work is amazing."
- Becky Brackett, Oregon

"Have to thank Glen Thill of Taxidermy Plus in Shady Cove!!! He did the mount of this gorgeous steelhead for me. I couldn't be happier... I have seen a lot of mounts in many many tackle stores... he exceeded my expectations by far!!!"
- Jon Geyer, Oregon


Shop Location: 21377 Hwy 62 - Shady Cove, OR 97539
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 96 Eagle Point, OR, 97524
Phone: (541) 771-8229


About Taxidermy Plus

Glen Thill is the owner/operator of Taxidermy Plus. In the event of some spare time, he enjoys the outdoors with his wife Liz, 'fish slayer' Brown, who continues to show him how its done on the lakes, rivers and oceans. Glens knowledge of taxidermy began 18 years ago by attending Missoula Valley School of Taxidermy in Thompson Falls, Montana. After graduating he stayed on and apprenticed with Tim Woods which led to entering in taxidermy competitions in Montana, Idaho, and Oregon winning several awards. This proved invaluable in gaining better knowledge and creating the 'WOW' factor in the art of taxidermy.